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Year: 2013

Issue: 3

Title: History of science and technology

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This magazine consists of the following articles:

14-16: The ten plauges of Egypt

Ananiadou Sofia, Doni Ariadni, Eminidou Persephone, Experimental School Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece


14-16: Brucella Melitensis

American Farm School, American Farm School Perrotis College, Thessaloniki, Greece


14-16: New Bulgarian discoveries

Lucy Andonova and Ina Milcheva, 127 sou Ivan Denkoglu, Sofia, Bulgaria


14-16: Castaway on a desert island

Margarita Deligiannidou & Iordana Apatsidou, 2nd Lyceum of Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki, Greece


14-16: Lighthouses of Greece

Fotis Platanos, Experimental School Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece