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> New Bulgarian discoveries Issue: 2013-3 Section: 14-16

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Portable X-ray laser

Desktop X-ray laser is an evolutionary invention that Tenyo Popminchev made after more than 100years, since the discovery of X-rays. The name of the scientist from the University of Colorado appeared in prestigious scientific journals and televisions worldwide, precisely because of his discovery. Before such devices have been an area as football course, but today they are already able to gathered on the table. Create a device converts infrared radiation in the X-ray laser pulses, making it possible to monitor the movement of electrons in atoms, cellular processes, studying the dynamics and structure of molecules and probably in the future will serve to create a more faster than current computers. Portable X-ray laser will undoubtedly be very useful for medical!


Decision of the greatest geometric problem

18-year-old then, Radko Kotev stunned the world with a decision of one of the most difficult geometric problems - Apollonius. The ancient Greek mathematician Feathers poses a problem 200 years BC. The original solution of the problem burned in a fire in the library of Alexandria. Many scientists have tried to solve the task, but only four have managed to do so. The decision of Radko is the fifth and ranks alongside the names of the great mathematicians. Today, all GPS systems are based on the principle of Apollonius task of identifying the location of Earth.



At the Institute of Pomology in Plovdiv managed to create a hybrid between plum and apricot. Crossing, which combines both the taste of both the fetus is called - Stendesto.The new species is born after 25 years of selection of a team of scientists is obtained by the classical method of sexual hybridization, ie pollen is deposited on the stigma of the apricot color of plums. Appearance of the fruit is dark blue and elongated like plum. Ripens in late July. Covered with soft moss and has aromas of apricot Besides being resistant to diseases hybrid is not genetically modified, and with its sugar content is ideal for brandy.


Green oasis above the concrete city

Tsvetan Toshkov create 3D visualization which materializes in an ingenious way ilyuziorno escape from the stressful and hectic city life. Gorman, Indian lotus, which is part of Eastern culture, totally inspiring project of the Bulgarians. The plant always bloomes, although thrive under extremely difficult conditions. Philosophical significance can be interpreted as the ability to rise above the problems and concerns of everyday life. With this invention we can go over there where there is no noise, the air is crystal clear. It sounds like you are in heaven, but that paradise never reduced to be created.