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Romanian Editorial Board

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, John Lennon. The student’s life in Engineering Science is not so generous to allow you to think of extra cultural domains. The funny thing is that when you thought that you don’t even have time for a snack, a devoted person to science and research appears and presents you a challenge that you can’t resist. Why? Because it is something new, because it is a European level magazine, and last but not least because you love challenges. This way you end up making a 3 weekend’s long research and another 3 to piece it up together to shape up a preliminary version of the article. Finally the words take shape in the idea that you wanted to say at an particular scientific level, and you have the beautiful feeling that you finished it. You begin to consider yourself an academician, but then some else make sure to notify you that you are far from it.

With little experience and a lot of enthusiasm, you take your responsibility seriously of managing the editorial. It is very incredible how the minutes pass when you concentrate to make a thing end up at its best. The effort, the time assigned for this experience gives birth to a new passion: the desire for writing further. Slow, without noticing, the thirst for work and documentation takes over.

It is an experience that has shown us that there are many other persons that are in need of new cultural experiences and even editorial ones. The satisfaction that you have brought from start to finish an activity in an domain entirely new with the collaboration and sincere enthusiasm of the other European editorial collectives has shown us how an unplanned activity, can become more important than the one planned out, and increases in direct proportion to involvement in the process. If you are a student, and have free time there are at least five other activities capable of taking over at any time, the subjectivity of the hierarchy being on extremely sensitive matter. If a year ago someone told me that I would spend gladly my free time working on this project, I would have looked at him (IF I looked) with plenty of reserve and maximum doubt.

In all the time that has been spend working for EPMagazine, it has been forgotten of the technological equipment and devices, of the algorithms and methods, of the deadlines of the ongoing projects..

We have learned the meaning of collaboration and how important is work team.

We have discovered that in any domain, if you want to be heard with interest, it is important to become a good professional and learn to collaborate. There are things that you learn from the others and you can forget easily, and there are things that you learn on your own experience and never forget.

An old Romanian saying: experience is the mother of learning. We are confident that we have learned and continue to learn many things, in different fields, in the European family EPMagazine.